Genome of Alcanivorax sp. 24: A hydrocarbon degrading bacterium isolated from marine plastic debris.

V. Zadjelovic, M. I. Gibson, C. Dorador, J. A. Christie-Oleza.

Marine Genomics. 2019

Alcanivorax is an important member of the hydrocarbonoclastic group known for using alkanes and other related compound as their preferred carbon source.


Here we report the genomic characteristics of Alcanivorax sp. 24 isolated from plastic marine debris. Its 4,765,873 bp genome, containing 4239 coding sequences, revealed the presence of all genomic features involved in alkane degradation (i.e. two cytochrome P450, three alkane monooxygenases AlkB and two enzymes involved in the degradation of long-chain alkanes AlmA) as well as other relevant enzymes that may play a role in the biodegradation of other polymers such as polyhydroxybutyrate.


The genome features and phylogenetic context of these genes provide interesting insight into the lifestyle versatility of Alcanivorax sp. living in the plastisphere of marine plastic debris.

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