• BB/M017982/1: Warwick Integrative Synthetic Biology Centre. BBSRC/EPSRC (2015-2020). Co-I (PI: Prof McCarthy). £13,488,965 (~15,377,400€), UK.

  • CTM2015-70180-R: Caracterizacion fisiologica y proteogenomica de degradadores eficaces de hidrocarburos aromaticos del linaje Roseobacter. Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia (2016-2019). Team member (PI: Dr Bosch). 157,300€, Spain.

  • NE/K009044/1: Eco-interactomics: From microbial interactions to the fate of dissolved organic matter in the oceans. NERC Independent Research Fellowship (2013-2018). PI. £719,081 (~819,750€), UK.

  • SLS Pump Priming: Important secondary metabolite produced by marine Synechococcus. University of Warwick (2017). PI. £5,000 (~5,700€), UK.

  • SLS Pump Priming: Defining the right pipeline for proper metaproteomics. University of Warwick (2014). PI. £5,000 (~5,700€), UK.

  • PIEF-GA-2010-272593: Do Synechococcus regulatory networks underpin marine ecological distinctness? FP7 Marie Curie Actions, IEF Fellowship (2011-2013). €209,593, UK.