Former PhD students

Image by Bill Oxford
Alicja Dabrawska
PhD (2018)

Alicja, who's main supervisor was Prof Scanlan, worked on the interactions of Synechococcus with other co-occurring microbes via secondary metabolites and community determination. Funded by NERC.

In my work, I feel like I am trying to study the stars under a microscope, just these stars are hidden in our oceans

Despoina Sousoni
PhD (2019)

Despoina studied nutrient cycling between marine microbial phototrophs and bacteria in co-cultures, to better understand how micro-societies function and allow the discovery of new natural products. Funded by NERC (CENTA student).

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Science is great!

Amandeep Kaur
PhD (2019)

Amandeep looked at how marine micro-organisms interact with each other, specifically studying relationships between phototrophs and heterotrophs by proteomics.

Earth, sun, wind and the sea

They are my biography and my face.

Gabriel Erni-Cassola
PhD (2019)

Gabriel looked into microbial communities that colonise micro-plastics, and the 'ecology' of plastics in marine environments.​ Funded by NERC (CENTA student).

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If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be called research.


Robyn Wright
PhD (2019)

Robyn used artificial selection of whole microbial communities to determine whether we may be able to use them for the degradation of recalcitrant polymers. Funded by BBSRC (MIBTP student).

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Sharing what you know is one of the most enriching experience of being a scientist. Encourage others and yourself to understand a bit more of the science behind what we see.

Vinko Z - Plastic Gang Member

Vinko Zadjelovic-Varas
PhD (2020)

Vinko analysed the plastic-degrading organism Alcanivorax and how it is able to degrade both aliphatic polyesters and more recalcitrant plastics. Funded by Becas Chile.

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The only reason I went into science, really, is just that I wanted to create real Pokémon by playing with DNA.

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Audam Chhun
PhD (2020)

Audam studied the molecular interactions that occur between marine microbes, and how these can be used to discover novel natural products for biotechnology. Funded by BBSRC (MIBTP student).

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Former Postdocs

Christian Zerfass 
PDRA (2015-2018)

Christian worked as the PDRA on a collaborative project with Prof Soyer as part of the Synthetic Biology funded centre at Warwick - WISB (BBSRC-EPSRC). He characterised the modular interaction between microbes in synthetic microbial communities. 

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